Frequently Asked Questions ...

Don't worry you're not the only person who needs to know:
1. Q: How do I enter an Acro Solo on your website ?
   A: Acro solos will be available at all regionals in their own section
2. Q: What is Champion dancer ?
   A: Champion Dancer is our last sections of the competition, to qualify a dancer must compete in 3 solo competitions. The Champion Dance may be a repeat of a dance or a completely new routine.
We have 4 Champion Dancer sections: Petite , Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The winner gets $50 off national final entry , cup and sash.
3. Q: How do I enter demi/character solo on your website ?
   A: It is entered in to the open solo section.
4. Q: Your age groups are diff in the east how do I know what age group I fit in to ?
   A: 5 and under, 7 and under, 9 and under, 11 and under, 13 and under, 15 and under,
16yrs & over
In all FYD competitions ages are as of Jan 1st 2019
Our system will automatically put you in a age group based on the date of birth you enter at time of registration.
5. Q; What is Broadway jazz ?
   A: Broadway Jazz is a jazz solo from music from a broadway show or movie, some lip syncing is permitted .
6. Q: How many dances can I enter in a day ?
A: for one day competitions the maximum amount of solos is 5 plus champ dancer.
7. Q: What is a costume award?
   A: Dancers walk onto the stage in a line they pose and judge chooses best costume of the day.
8. Q: What is permitted in the no tricks jazz solo & No tricks Lyrical solo?
   A: A mount , split and leap are all permitted, nothing else - no turning attitude jumps, no turning split jumps, no illusions, no sarah janes (knee drop)

Preparation :
Your teacher will have all comp information and has been preparing for this trip for a long time! There may also be more dance rehearsals or practices required before attending convention Costumes, specific dance wear, jackets, etc. may be a requirement. Your child will become increasingly excited. When you arrive at the venue : Make sure that you are clear about what your teacher wants you to do and where she/he wants you to meet. Your teachers will pick up their packets from the registration desk and will hand out wristbands to students and observers. The morning may feel a little hectic, but your teacher knows what to do! Things to remember No video cameras.

Competition Time :
A light meal is suggested. Save your feast for after competition. Make sure you order or make reservations ahead of time! Have your child organized early. Don’t forget anything! Arrive at the designated meeting place on time.
Remember that every parent in the audience is in love with their child and remember how you feel when someone thinks your own child is great! Applaud for all of the kids – they deserve it.
A little attention and some positive feedback goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to give compliments whether you know the child or not! Cheer during awards. Your kids have worked hard – remember to focus on the hard work rather than the color of the ribbon.
Backstage Helpers :
If your teacher asks that you help backstage take these things with you or make sure that they will be available: bobby pins, safety pins, rubber bands, clear nail polish, tights, tissue, band aids, small scissors. Be aware of line-up order. Try not to ask too many questions of the stage manager – he/she is busy! however, If you have a quick-change, calmly let the person in charge know, the stage manager may be able to rearrange the order. be quick and don’t hover. Things are moving very fast to keep the day flowing. Do your job then stand back. Stay calm and keep your voice low keep the children quiet while waiting