By entering any Follow Your Dreams Competition you understand all rules stated including time limits, and understand that there is no refund/credit or transfers on entries regardless of any reasons including medical.
All entries must be done legally and honestly and hereby release all directors, officers or representatives from any claims for damages or injuries sustained while participating in any activity related to this competition.
By entering any Follow Your Dreams competitions you agree that all rules are final and that our Crew/ staff will not engage in any correspondence with a parent/teacher/ participant once a rule is broken to have this rule over turned or open for discussion.
All rules are the same at each regional competition, this includes issues with music.
An advanced schedule will be emailed to each registered soloist/ person responsible for group entries, to provided email address approximately 14 days prior to your competition. The schedule will list the times and events for all dance sections.
All FYD competitions are entitled to run up to 1 hour ahead of scheduled time.
It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of your performance schedule and times and no responsibility will be taken for a missed event. Programs be available to download. Limited programs will be available for purchase on the day.

Please do not message Kylie Drew or her personal page regarding the competitions. Any enquires can be sent to DANCE


1. Competition is open to all dancers 0-20yrs, 21yrs plus are in a new section and tertiary full time students also have their own sections.  
2.Teachers can dance in open age sections.
3. In all classes, prizes will be awarded according to the decision of the adjudicator, who may not necessarily award any or all placings.
4. All decisions of the adjudicator must be accepted as final subject to clause.
5. Communication with the adjudicator is strictly prohibited. The committee reserves the right to disqualify any person from the competition, being dancers, teachers or other interested parties, from communication with the judge.
6. Music and dance styles must be suitable for a family audience no suicide or death themes. ( Except in demi characters) If you are unsure please email us for clarification. 
7. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor whose item is deemed unsuitable.
8. Refund policy: Competitors are not entitled to any refund of fee or transfer of fees in case of non-appearance in any section whatsoever, change of mind or any other reason, by entering into the competition you agree that we are to provide an event that is a dance competition where you are judged by a judge and given an award if deemed fit. We are not in control of who enters or what the numbers are in particular sections . If you are the only competitor you will be judged against the National scoring system and you must place with a score of 86 to compete in Nationals. Refunds under  Consumer Law There are limited circumstances covered under the Consumer Law where refunds are permitted. These circumstances generally relate to where the services provided are not rendered with due care and skill or in compliance with a specified purpose or provided within a reasonable time. They do not include circumstances where you change your mind or being unable to attend to for any reason. Should your circumstances satisfy those requirements, a refund will be provided.
a) No refunds will be issued to competitors whose entries were placed by a third party. 
b) Entry to the competitions is subject to you agreeing to all the rules and conditions in this website. If you request entries or change made by our admin team you also agree to the rules and conditions in this website 
9. The Committee reserves the right to alter or amend the programme at any time.
10. The Committee will not be responsible for music, critiques or stage property not claimed on the day or after the performance.
11. Time limits will be strictly enforced.Solos:  5 and under, 7 and under, 9 and under, 11 and under    2 ½ mins max Solos:  13 and under, 15 and under, 16yrs and over   3 mins max,  Duo/Trios:  3 mins max , Song and Dance Solos:  All Ages 3 mins max, Vocal Solos:  All Ages 3 mins max, Groups:  5 mins Where items are more than 5 Seconds in excess of the prescribed time limit competitors will be penalised with a 2 point deduction, and at 30 seconds over the time limit the music will be faded and dancer must leave the stage. 
12. A competitor’s age shall be recognised as at the the start of the 1ST Jan 2019. i.e. A competitor's age will be measured as the same age for all competitors born in the same year.Competitors must be prepared to produce a Certificate of Birth if required to do so. 
13. The Committee reserves the right, if there are insufficient entries in any sections to join classes with next age of same section. 
14. CAMERAS, FLASHBULBS, TAPE RECORDERS, VIDEO RECORDERS, etc. - The use of these is strictly prohibited during any session. No photographs to be taken in the dressing room only on the provided media walls.
Failure to comply will result in competitor involved being disqualified. Mobile phones must be turned off in the theatre. FYD provides an official photographer and video service at most locations . Use of your own camera or video is not permitted. It is a condition of entry that you do not take photos or video in the audience. 
15. RESTART: - A competitor who commences performing an item, and stops, and is allowed to restart the item, will receive a critique but no marks. Commencing with the wrong music may be tolerated, provided the fault is quickly corrected, and the dance has not begun.
16. A group is to consist of no less than 5 members.
17. Our theatre floor is not suitable for acrobatic moves and we do not encourage any use of acro in dance. We are still wishing to uphold true dance in its art form and acro moves will not gain extra technical points except in an acro solo . Acro is done at your own risk. Acro moves  can be done in all styles of dance except the jazz solo no tricks section and lyrical solo no tricks section,in which you can only do  a leap, split or mount . no acro at all. ( NO CARTWHEELS this is basic acro move) From 2017 we will have a straight acro solo, duo/trio and troupes.  
18. Competitors perform at own risk. Please bring your own rosin especially Classical Students, we are not responsible for this.
19. Competitors are permitted to dance up age groups in solos, duos and troupes so long as the dance is not repeated in the comp. They must dance in one age group for each regional only.  If you choose to dance up and age group all your solos must be in that age group including Champ dancer for that regional . 
20. Changes can be made before the running sheet comes out and this will incur an admin fee of $10 per change. 
21. Average age troupes. You must list the troupe members and the DOB and add up the average age of the troupe without the decimal point.
After this our system will determine which is the closest age group they fit into under 8, under 10, under 13, under 16 or Open. All competitors must not be older than one age group above the averaged age troupe they are competing inEg If 3 dancers are 11, one is 14 and one is 17 the average age is 12.8, however they must compete in under16 not under 13 due to the 17 dancer. 
22. Highest points Award for each age group is given per dance not accumulated per dance
23. Full payment must be received for your entry to be processed.
24. We will only accept entries after the closing date for double the entry fee if we have space and not after the running sheet comes out. 
25. Follow Your Dreams has a reputation for being relaxed and friendly. We welcome new schools and trust you will embrace this ideal.
26. Any dancer or troupe who scores 86 or above qualifies for our National finals 
27. Knee pads must be worn if any drop to the knee occurs
28. Tights must be worn with every costume where the costume is a high cut leotard or tutu.
29. Routines must be for family viewing .
30. No taking of photos in any dressing rooms 
31. All music must be on USB only. One dance per USB, the device will need to be handed in 2 sections before the scheduled dance, and collected immediately after the dance has been completed.
32. Your USB must be clearly labeled.
If you have trouble putting your music on to USB please contact our office - we can help.
33. Enter online at please be aware that when you hit save you have entered the competition and your payment is required . Your entry will drop off after 24 hours if payment is in received. Failure to pay will result in you not being able to enter another FYD regional until the amount owing is paid.
34. By entering our competition you are giving permission to be on social media please speak to us if you have concerns or issues with this. 
35. All competitors must present at the registration desk upon arrival to be signed it in order to compete. Failure to sign in will result in the competitor not being able to compete in the competition . 
36. Entries that a placed under a school account  or someone else's account cannot be changed or refunded if you change schools . If entries are paid by the school the matter is a school issue and wont be dealt with by our staff. 
37. Please note due to privacy laws we cannot give you any information about someone if its not in your account .We want to protect you and your child examples :Someone enters your child on your behalf, we cant tell you anything about what they have entered or the account. Someone enters and a teacher wants to know if that child has entered , we can't tell them if they have entered. A teacher enters on your behalf , you need to talk to the teacher about what they have entered you in or any changes. Your duo partner enters you , you need to talk to them about what you have entered. Family court issues also prevent us also 
38. If you appear out of order in a section you will have a 2 point deduction. 
39. You must be present to accept your awards at the end of each section and at the special awards during the Champ Dancer sections including Highest points awards. Trophies will only able to be collected on the day. 


1. Encourage your children to participate for their own interest and enjoyment, not yours.
2. Teach children that an honest effort is always as important as a victory.
3. Focus on developing skills and improvement each performance
4. A child learns best by example. Applaud all dancer on the stage .
5. Do not criticise your or others’ children in front of others.
6. Accept decisions of the judges are how they see it on the day.
7. Make your parenting rewarding and beyond criticism by leading by example.
8. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
9. Show appreciation for volunteers, officials and those involved in the competition .
10. Keep children in your care in eyes view and in the theatre please teach them theatre etiquette, eg: do not enter theatre until stage is clear / music has stopped, Keep all noise inside theatre to a minimum
11. Always respect the use of facilities and leave the theatre and dressing rooms clean and tidy.


1. Be polite, courteous and respectful to my fellow competitors
2. Treat all others as I like to be treated, being polite, courteous and respectful to other students and other people in the dance environment, regardless of ability, and strive to create a positive environment at all times;
3. Respect the theatre and change rooms , putting all rubbish into bins and keeping them neat and clean for the safety of myself and others;
4. Courage everyone and not openly gossip or criticise others in the competition
5. I will respect the judges decision as fair on the day and how they saw it at the moment .


1. The director will ensure that their school is capable of providing all services claimed.
2. The director will employ staff with the experience, knowledge, and/or qualifications required .
3. The director will conform to sound business practice
4. The director will ensure that the facilities provided:      
a) conform with minimum safety and space requirements      
b) have suitable flooring, with a safe surface designed and constructed to minimise risk of injury.      
c) strive to communicate love of dance      
d) demonstrate professional attitudes, including punctuality, reliability and responsible care of students      
e) encourage and support the individuals


Students, Parents, Volunteers, Employees and other people associated with the comp should be aware that:
1. The possession or consumption of illicit or non-prescribed drugs is not acceptable at any time.
2. Parents, Students, Volunteers and Employees must not arrive at any FYD site, or represent FYD late any time, impaired by the effects of non-prescribed drugs.
3. Parents, Students, Volunteers and Employees must not arrive at the competitions, under the influence of any prescribed drug where it could risk injury to any person, including the person using the prescribed drug.
4. Volunteers and Employees must have a blood alcohol content of .00 when arriving at any competition site.
5. The consumption of alcohol by Parents, Students, Volunteers and Employees is prohibited within any FYD site, unless expressly allowed by the Director at an event held in a licensed premises, and then only so long as the alcohol is consumed in a responsible manner as deemed by the Director


Our comp expects that everyone at our competitions shall treat each other with respect and dignity, in an effort to provide a working environment that is cohesive and comfortable for all. Specifically, the comp will not tolerate any Bullying . Bullying behaviour can include but is not limited to
1. Verbal abuse or shouting;
2. Physical Abuse;
3. Excluding or isolating a person;
4. Psychological harassment;
5. Humiliating a person through sarcasm, criticism or insults (including bullying through on-line systems);
6. Ignoring or belittling a person’s contribution or opinion.

Follow Your Dreams encourages the early reporting of any allegations of bullying. Where any persons feel that they are the victim of bullying, they should discuss the matter directly with the person/people concerned and request an end to the behaviours.
Should this approach fail or be inappropriate, the victim can raise the matter with the Director.
Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who victimizes or retaliates against a person who has made a complaint .

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